Advantages of a Broker

As a mortgage broker, Price Mortgage is not limited to a specific range of products that we can offer you like retail banks and mortgage lenders are. As a broker we work with a network of over 30 different wholesale lenders to find the best loan package to fit your situation, ensuring that you get the best rate and pricing available while charging no lender fees.
With so many different loan options available, and each lender offering different products and rates – shopping for the best deal takes a LOT of time and effort. With a mortgage broker you only have to apply once, and we go and shop your loan and make our lender network compete for your business.
Choosing the wrong mortgage can have an impact in your life for years to come, potentially costing you thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, which is why it is best you work with a Mortgage Broker that has your best interest in mind.

Zack Cole Loan Officer

Zack Cole

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